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The American Mink Council (AMC) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of U.S. mink producers, who in 1992, became part owners of  North American Fur Auction (USA) Inc. The AMC works cooperatively with its partners in the fur industry to advance the interests of U.S. mink producers in North America and internationally.

To fulfill its mission, the AMC works collaboratively with producers and others within the fur industry to ensure the highest and most ethical standards are employed in production.  The AMC is also an advocate of ensuring its member producers adhere to the best industry practices and strive to produce the finest, highest quality mink pelts in the world.

The AMC represents all producers in the U.S. who endeavor to work together to enhance mink ranching in the U.S., with priorities in the following areas:

  • Animal welfare
  • Veterinary care
  • Best practices
  • Environmental regulations
  • Use of animal by-products

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