AMC Governance

The AMC is comprised of one President, one or more Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer; all of whom are elected by the Board of Directors every year at the Board’s annual meeting.

The Board of Directors is made up of of nine regional directors and one director-at-large. Each director must be a member of the AMC and have sold substantially all of their annual production of mink through NAFA for the previous two selling seasons. These Directors are elected by members residing in their respective regions.

Regional Directors must reside in the regions they are elected to represent, as follows:

  • Wisconsin, Illinois, Upper Michigan – 3 Directors;
  • Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa – 1 Director;
  • Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado – 3 Directors;
  • Louisiana, Lower Michigan, Indiana ,Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania
  • and the remainder of the States east of the Mississippi River -1 Director
  • Washington, Oregon & States west of Mississippi River – 1 Director
  • Director at Large – 1 Director

Directors are elected to serve three year terms.