From chic and trendy looks to sophisticated and classic styles, NAFA mink offers something for everyone. High end designers like Niana Ricci, Dennis Basso, Guy Laroche and Michael Kors have used NAFA’s high quality mink, in a variety of colors, to create the ultimate in luxury garments. NAFA Mink is about luxurious warmth, style and refined extravagance.

NAFA Northern

From Beaver, Raccoon, Muskrat and Coyote – NAFA Northern is about style, class and elegance. Top international designers like Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors, as well as upcoming new designers like Prabal Gurung, have produced exclusive and innovative designs for NAFA. Their opulent, luxurious and sought-after creations are only available at select international boutiques.

Black NAFA

The Black NAFA label is awarded to only the very best North American black mink.
This rare type of mink with its naturally short, velvet like nap and its deep
rich color, has come to define the ultimate in luxury and sensuality. No wonder
it is the preferred fur of designers everywhere


NAFA Fox is internationally revered for its distinctive and unique features. The North American ranched Fox has become silkier, brighter in color, lighter in weight and has maintained a dense underwool. NAFA Fox is known for its clarity and soft pale colors. This fur is silky and soft to touch and is ideal for trimming for a full garment.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights collection is a new and fresh take on fur. Designed for the fashion conscious consumer, the chic and trendy styles are attracting young generations worldwide. This group of independent thinkers and environmentally aware individuals want something that suits their lifestyle. At NAFA, fur is our legacy and our future. The goal of Northern Lights is to make is exciting.