Mink farming

Family Farm Pride

The AMC prides itself as being an association that represents the interests of family farmers. Most of the mink farms in operation today in the U.S. are third and fourth generation family farms; each generation trains the next and knowledge is passed down, fine-tuned and honed. Mink ranchers are true stewards of the land; they possess a rich reservoir of knowledge about sustainability and the environment. They have a strong connection with the land and want to preserve their heritage for future generations.
American mink stands out on the international stage because of the families that work on the farm. Generations of fur farmers have carefully, skillfully and with the utmost care raised mink. Fur farming began in North America and through family farming best practices, genetics and lots of hard work, American mink farming is internationally revered.

Mink ranchers recognize they have a responsibility to preserve and protect the land on which they work. It is for this reason that the AMC works in conjunction with other animal welfare groups to ensure that the latest and most up-to-date research on animal health and welfare is available to ranchers in a timely fashion.